Comedy Central

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We went a little above and beyond with the launch of this campaign. 'The Office' came very close for 40 influencers. By making and sending puddings containing Michael Scott's well-known 'Worlds Best Boss' mug and a letter from Michael himself, the influencers were involved in one of Jim's most famous jokes. This resulted in a double nomination at the European Promax Awards

We also created 'Peeping Michael'. This is a visual campaign concept developed and designed with Comedy Central. Fungi Design designed the key art for the campaign, which was subsequently developed into various print and digital campaign products. With 'Peeping Michael' we have created a recognizable image: The penetrating eyes of your colleague above your screen.

For our photography we searched for the right office materials and nostalgic knick-knacks to recreate the desks of the characters from the series as well as possible. Small inside jokes from the series can now be found in the foreground, to make a nod to the existing fan base in our artwork. The key-art illustrates the unbreakable connection that The Office has with Comedy Central.

Do you also dare to go above and beyond for your brand or campaign? Contact us about your challenge.

Wiskunde D online


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Are you in high school and in need of more mathematical challenges? Then you should take Wiskunde D. They even offer this online, so you will never run out of new challenges. Infinite mathematics! With interesting content, students are guided through Wiskunde D.

For this, we have developed a concept and a style that would make the classic classroom poster jealous.

Paramount Network

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We created this creepy Key-Art of Fear the walking Dead for Paramount Network. Our end goal here was to create an interesting image with a stopping power towards Comic Con visitors. These images were used as the foundation of a campaign. Products such as animations, printed products and social media banners have been made based on these Key-Arts. In consultation with Paramount Network, we went for three different Key-Arts. These were on display in the entire the city center of Utrecht during the Dutch Comic-Con.

To develop this visual, we took several elements and brought them into a composed image. We genuinely felt a bit like a visual foley artist. By using elements such as different forms of foam and stains, the design looks corroded and decaying. In addition, we used the image of a peeling wall to show parts of the skulls of some of the main characters of the series.

Fungi provided Paramount with the Key-Art and various static products based on this key-art. This layered Key-Art has been used by Paramount to make the animations.



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'Get your knaek. on' is an activating campaign concept set up for Knaek. For this we have provided Knaek with various promotional products and a new campaign concept.

The campaign 'Get your knaek. on' responds to everyday situations in student life. Knaek is portrayed as the fix-all. The story we tell is that with Knaek you can get a similar product of higher quality or quantity that has almost the same price through a discount. This question is always expressed in a prompt aimed at the student, followed by 'Turn on your knack'. This makes the Knaek app feel like a bringer of luck and an opportunity.

De Tussentijd




For De Tussentijd, a bar in Utrecht, we provided a styleguide with the tools to develop new products by themselves. Here you see an example of a potential menu designed by us. In the design process we tried approaching the ambiance of the café by using rough materials. We did this by creating a stamp out of linoleum. This had a handmade and imperfect logo as a result, which looks great with the café and its interior. In addition to the logo, we also provided De Tussentijd with its own font.

A vase from vases. A compiled untity.


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414 asked us to improve and upgrade their website. We did just that! With over 20 different animations the website became a breathing, living design.

Experience the magic of the website as the sun sets when you scroll over the page or the portraits come to life with a playful giggle as you hover over them. We've achieved a nice balance between professional and entertaining elements to create an engaging user experience.

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De Speld

Graphic design

After fifteen years of reporting satirical news online, De Speld was up for something new: A dazzling theater show.

To promote this show De Speld asked Fungi to create a folder to display in all theaters of the Netherlands. In this folder is a programme and on the cover a unique, futuristic custom made style for De Speld.

In addition to this project, De Speld also entrusted us with several awesome photoshop assignments for their satirical articles.

Medisch Pedicure Hetty

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For the 30th anniversary of 'Pedicuresalon Hetty' she wanted a fresh start. This rural salon needed a make-over. So we rebranded the complete salon to 'Medical Pedicure Hetty'.

We started brainstorming with Hetty and found out she wanted a medical and luxurious appearance to attract a more urban target audience. In the proces we created a new website, lots of print products and even clothespins.

All these products created cohesive brand experience for the user. The restyle of Medical Pedicure Hetty has resulted in a large number of new customers from the targeted audience and a lot of positive reactions from her existing customers.

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Graphic design

During the corona pandemic, it is sometimes difficult to celebrate a festive moment such as a graduation ceremony in a fun way. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht was therefore looking for a new way to give the students a dignified farewell.

In collaboration with teachers and students, we started looking for an alternative and we designed and built it! is an online event platform for students and their parents. This easy-to-use digital party room has places to talk face-to-face with your teachers and loved ones, a lecture room to attend a speech, a photo booth for the yearbook and a DJ who will provide you with good dance music throughout the evening. generated a lot of positive and fun reactions from former students who could still have a nice party this way.

EV wise

Motion graphics

EV-wise offers an all-in-one solution for electric charging. They needed us to help with an animation. The animation illustrates how green electric charging can strain the electricity grid. EV-wise offers the solution for this.

EV-wise gave us the voice over and asked us to develop an illustration style. Then the illustration was animated into a cohesive and clear story.

Mark Prosman Architecten

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Marc Prosman Architects is an architectural firm in the Netherlands. This firm develops beautiful designs for houses, houseboats, utility construction and many other spatial projects.

Marc came to Fungi after a recommendation from one of our other customers. Together we have turned his website into a sleek, sober portfolio with a logo that matches it. We've created a place where his architecture takes center stage.

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EV tools


For the thirtieth anniversary of Hetty’s pedicure salon she wanted a fresh start. So we rebranded the complete salon.

We started brainstorming with Hetty and found out she wanted a medical and luxurious appearance to artract a more urban target audience.

In the proces we created a new website, lots of print products and even clothespins.

All these products created cohesive brand experience for the user.

Brands we work with

During Fungi's existence, we have had the privilege of working with these brands, among others.

Brands we helped grow

Below are a few beautiful brands that we have helped with their corporate identity, concept or website, among other things. By creating a cohesive and strong story for their respective target group, we were able to help them further in building their product.